Company Profile
The company was incorporated on 8th July 1992, and got Certificate of Commencement of Business on 16th July, 1992 in the name of P.K.Leasing & Finance Ltd under the companies Act, 1956 and the registered office address: P-36, India Exchange Place, Kolkata-700001.

The Company is classified by Reserve Bank of India as a loan company (NBFC). The Company is registered as NBFC Company having registration No. 05.00264 dated 19/02/1998. In the year 1996, the company planned for IPO to get its shares listed with the Calcutta Stock Exchange with the same objects of the Company. After its first listing on the Calcutta Stock Exchange in 1996, the Company expanded rapidly through a series of strategic acquisitions.

The Company is also listed in Metropolitan Stock Exchange of India Ltd (Formerly Known as MCX Stock Exchange Ltd, Mumbai)

We wish to inform you that the voluntary delisting of the listed securities of our company under SEBI (Delisting of equity shares) Regulation 2009 has now been granted by the Calcutta Stock Exchange, Hence, the Company is delisted from the official list of CSE w.e.f 29th Deccember 2020.

We represent an extremely important commitment to this Company's future. Whilst striving for maximum return to our shareholders, we also believe in giving equal attention to caring for our environment and to contributing to social development in our community. We actively encourage and support diverse wealth creation in the community, the development of new skills and expertise and the transfer of new technologies and best business practices to this country. We take pride in being a dependable and trusted participant in community initiatives and a caring and thoughtful neighbour.
  1. Mr. Anil Kumar Agarwal (MANAGING DIRECTOR) .

  2. Mr. Nand KIshore Agarwal (CFO)

  3. Mrs. Deepika Luharuka ( Company Secretary)

  4. Mrs Ruchi Agarwal (Woman Director)

  5. Mr Amiya Mukherjee (Non Executive Independent Director).

  6. Mr Partha Das (Non Executive Independent Director).

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